Sustainability is very important to us here at Sincerely Earth & Co.

We have worked hard in order to be as sustainable as possible when it comes to the following areas.


At Sincerely Earth & Co, it is very important to us that we are as friendly to the earth as possible. When it comes to our packaging we use recycled mailers and boxes. The mailers are padded with recycled materials, which makes them recycled and recyclable. We also use water-activated tape which is not only sustainable but is actually stronger than plastic tape. To promote recycling, we reuse all bubble wrap that is collected from crystal shipments in order to get as much use out of it as possible.


At Sincerely Earth & Co all of our crystals are consciously sourced and mined from around the world. Since we are not there every step of the way, we can not guarantee that our crystals are 100% ethically sourced.